Magnum Model CFPS-700 Semi-Automatic Case Former & Pack Station


  • Speed: Up to 15 Cases per Minute
  • Case Size Capacity 8-26” L, 6-20” W, 3”-unlimited H, 0-45 lbs STD; 0-75 lbs optional
  • Adjusts to different case sizes easily so you can pack a variety of products
  • No Electricity Required
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The Magnum 700  (shown with optional casters) is an adjustable semi-automatic carton forming machine and packing station. When an operator places an open, unfolded carton into the machine, all four bottom flaps are automatically folded in proper sequence and the carton is securely held in place for packing. The operator then fills and discharges the packed carton forward from the machine to any carton sealer for taping.
The primary benefit of the machine is the improved production through reduced operator repetitive movements. The machine folds the bottom flaps with the case right-side-up in only two seconds, saving a great amount of time over manually performing the same operation (the operator would otherwise have to flip the carton over, fold all four flaps by hand, then flip the carton right-side-up and place on a table for packing). The machine also combines the benefit of a packaging station which holds the carton in place, which allows the operator to remove their hands while filling the carton with up to 45# of product.

The Magnum 700 is easily adjustable for different case sizes. Turn the side crank handle to accommodate cases from 6” to 20” wide. The case length setting can be changed from 8” to 26” by simply sliding a rear stop into position and securing with a locking handle. No set-up changes are required to accommodate case heights from 3” to 24” or higher.


Additional information


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Product Type

Forming and Pack Station

Box Type


Max Box Height


Max Box Length


Max Box Width


Min Box Height


Min Box Length


Min Box Width


Optimal Throughput

8+ cases/min


  • Simple and efficient operation allows cases to be formed as they are needed and triples operator efficiency
  • Interfaces with any Highlight carton sealer for flexibility and maximized productivity
  • Adjusts to different case sizes easily so you can pack a variety of products
  • Full pneumatic operation eliminates the need for electricity, sensors, and a PLC
  • Pre-opens major flaps then folds all flaps sequentially for reliable jam free operation
  • Erected cases are supported on rollers for smooth case ejecting
  • Three box contact points are used to start cycle, ensuring operator efficiency
  • Simple crank handle and locking knob adjustment provide quick size changeover
  • All pneumatic operation eliminates the need for electricity, sensors, and a PLC
  • Wedge rollers are engineered to hold the folded case securely for easy packing
  • Easily integrated with any Magnum Case Sealer
  • Construction: Heavy duty corrosion resistant steel construction Formed steel sheet metal covers
  • Hard wearing powder coated finish: Designed to minimize maintenance


  • Locking Casters, set of 4. Replaces leveling feet.  Includes shorter Leg Mounts to account for difference in height between feet & casters.  Changes pass height range to 25” ~ 31”
  • Heavy Product Lift / Support Cylinder Upgrade. Allows packing of products up to 75 pounds
  • Pneumatic Case Eject Assembly. Pushes the packed carton from the machine into a carton sealer Simple operator push button control.  Reduces operator strain.  *Must specify right hand or left hand operation.  *Minimum 5”H cases required to use this feature
  • Rear Top Minor Flap Folding Device to Pneumatic Case Eject Assembly*. Attaches to the Case Eject Assembly pusher arm.  For use with a Magnum 2300 w/ 3 flap folding device and extended drive belts.  Creates automatic 4 top flap folding as the case is ejected into the Magnum 2300 3-flap folder.  *Maximum 20” L cases required to use this feature
  • Roller Lock Up Switch. Maintains the major flap supporting rollers in the horizontal position.  Ideal for tray of OPF style cases
  • Tilting Frame Upgrade. Allows the Magnum 700 to tilt towards the operator for easier case loading.  Ideal for tall, difficult to load cases or unstable products that cannot be loaded vertically.  Press lever to tilt the machine for case loading and packing. Reverse the lever to upright the machine and discharge the case.  *Must specify desired pass height (floor to bottom of case ht) and right hand or left hand operation
  • Heavy Duty Box Stand. Allows ergonomic access to case blanks for higher machine output.  Holds ~50 case blanks (32 ECT)


Specification Measurement Comments
Model Magnum 700  Case Former & Packing Station
Type Semi-Automatic
Tape Head N/A
Tape Roll Diameter N/A
Operating Rate Up to 8+ boxes per minute  Depending on mode and operator speed
Case Belt Speed N/A
Tape Roll Width N/A
Case Minimum Length 8 inches
Case Maximum Length 26 inches  (20 inches with rear top minor flap folding option)
Case Minimum Width 6 inches
Case Maximum Width 20 inches
Case Minimum Height 3 inches  (5 inches with pneumatic case eject)
Case Maximum Height Unlimited by machine  determined by what is reasonable for operator to pack
Case Minimum Weight 0 Pounds
Case Maximum Weight 75 Pounds
Electrical Power N/A
Machine Length 36″
Machine Width 38”
Machine Height Adjustable height from 23 to 32 inches
Machine Weight 385 pounds  On a pallet (base Model)
Air Requirements 80 PSI @ 3 SCFM
Entry and Exit Conveyor N/A Interfaces with carton sealer