JSS Packaging Machinery Guide to Shrink Film vs. Stretch Wrap

JSS Packaging Machinery Guide to Shrink Film vs. Stretch Wrap 2018-01-08T16:25:06+00:00

Shrink Film vs Stretch Wrap: Which Product is Right for You?

When two products have similar names, it’s easy to get them confused. However, if you purchase shrink wrap when you really needed stretch film, you’ll quickly find that these materials are not the same. If you’re feeling confused about which product is used for what, this guide should help you figure things out.

What is Stretch Wrap Film?

This linear low density polyethylene stretchable plastic film can be used to secure palletized loads, storage items, or simply to protect products. It also goes by other names you might be familiar with, including Pallet Wrap, and Pallet Film Wrap – so called for its common use in securing palletized loads for shipment. For optimal use and product or equipment protection, this high-performance stretch film should be applied using a Stretch Wrapper.

What is Shrink Wrap Film?

Shrink Film, also known as Shrink Wrap Film, CD Shrink Wrap, Food Shrink Wrap and Package Wrap among other things, is used to seal and protect merchandise such as movies, music, and games. This material is a polymer plastic film. When heat is applied, the shrink wrap physically shrinks to tightly encase and protect an item. This material is often used in conjunction some combination of Shrink Wrapping Equipment like L-Bar Shrink Sealers and Heat Tunnels. Once the wrap is trimmed and sealed around a product by the sealer, it can be passed through a heat tunnel in order for the material to be sealed tightly around the product for optimal protection.

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