Carton erectors, also called a box erector or case erector, are machines that take a flat-packed cardboard box/case or carton, form the blank into shape, apply tape to the bottom of the box/case or carton and present it with top flaps open ready to be filled. Anyone that packs products into cardboard boxes and would like to automate the process of erecting boxes would be interested in a carton/case erector. The primary benefits yielded from the machine are lower labor cost from fewer operators required to produce an equivalent number of hand formed cases formed per hour, higher throughput per hour, reduced operator strain from fewer repetitive motions, as well as decreased tape consumption. Expected improvements in efficiency are typically 3-5 times as many cases output per single operator compared to hand folding in the same period. This results in full return on equipment investment that can be realized in just months of usage. Available in uniform, random, semi-automatic, fully automatic or hot melt, our erectors save time, money and improve efficiency.