When properly used, a shrink wrap machine is referring to a machine used in heat shrink packaging that includes a sealer and heat source. The sealer is used to close open ends of the shrink film and the heat source applies heat to the film to shrink it down to the product being wrapped. Clear film allows customers to see your product through the package, and your marketing message can be printed on the outside for additional brand exposure. We offer an extensive line of standard and custom-designed shrink wrapping equipment from large scale production to low-cost, simple and quick solutions to pack small and medium-sized products. Shrink bundlers utilize a variety of wrapping and sealing methods, and can reach speeds of up to 120 bundles per minute. Designed to shrink wrap a diverse range of products in the food, beverage, personal care and household care industries. This includes bottles, jars, cans and cartons – either individually or in trays. We have extensive experience developing bundlers for countless additional products. Contact us for more details.