Hand wrapping is a physically demanding job with inherent dangers. Becoming dizzy, risk of burns on un-protected hands, and the risk of back ache from the continued stooping are some common problems encountered when hand wrapping. These can be eliminated when a pallet wrapping machine is utilized. A pallet wrapper is a machine that rotates a turntable or an arm around a pallet of product. As it rotates, a wrapping arm moves up & down and applies a layer of stretchwrap film. The stretchwrap film then acts to secure the load to the pallet and holds the product stable in transit. Pallet Wrappers wrap pallets quicker saving you time and increase throughput. Pallet Wrappers use significantly less film and ensure a consistent wrap quality as operators don’t have to judge the amount of stretchwrap to be applied according to the load being wrapped thus reducing waste. Additionally, Pallet Wrappers reduce health & safety concerns. We offer a variety of low and high profile stretch wrappers in both semi-auto and fully automatic capacities.