VT550L Battery Powered Strapping Tool

VT550L Battery Powered Strapping Tool


  • Battery Powered
  • Speed: Operator and Product Dependent
  • Strap Thickness: 3/8” or 1/2”
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The affordable alternative for light and regular duty strapping applications.

The VT550L is a cost-effective battery powered tool that tensions, seals and cuts the strap in one easy operation. Designed for light and regular duty applications, the VT550L can be operated in either an automatic mode, where one button completes the cycle, or it can be jogged for strap and edge protection placement. Each tool is shipped with a 14.4V Bosch NiMh battery and a 14.4V Bosch NiCard battery which can also be used in colder temperatures, along with a quick charger. The VT550L is an ideal solution for both polypropylene and polyester regular and light duty applications.

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Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 12 x 12 in
Optimal Throughput

Dependent on operator

Product Type

Battery Operated Handheld Strapper

Strap Thickness

3/8" OR 1/2"

Tension Capacity

550 lbs


  • Weight: 9.3 lbs. (4.2Kg) with battery
  • Seal Joint: Friction Weld, 80% joint efficiency
  • Tension Capability: 550 lbs. (2450 N)
  • Strap Sizes: Polyester – ½” (width) x .020”-.030” (thickness) – (12mm, .5mm-.76mm)
  • Polypropylene – ½” (width) x .020”-.040” (thickness) – (12mm, .5mm-1.0mm)
  • Battery Specs: Lithium Ion (No break in period, quick charge, high capacity)
  • 400 cycles per charge (Average – Polypropylene)
  • 220 cycles per charge (Average – Polyester)
  • 1000 charges (Battery Life)
  • Recharge Time – 30 minutes
  • Warranty: 6 months parts and labor for all manufacturing defects


  • Multiple suspension brackets and tool balancers are available
  • 110V AC Operating power cord.


Specification Measurement Comments
Model VT550L
Strapping Speed Dependent on Operator
Machine Length
Machine Width
Machine Height
Machine Table Height
Machine Shipping Weight 9.9 lbs
Machine Shipping Size
Strap Coil Size: Polypropylene- .020” – .040” (.5mm – 1.0mm)


Polyester- .020” – .030” (.5mm – .76mm)

Strap Thickness: 3/8” or1/2”
Tension Capacity: 550 lbs
Electrical Power: Battery Powered 400 cycles per charge (Average- Polypropylene)


220 cycles per charge (Average- Polyester)


1000 charges (Battery Life)